Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why do I feel so MSy this morning? Oh yeah....lack of sleep....

Not that it's anything new for me, losing sleep, but I didn't wake up until 7, which is late for me. Of course I didn't fall asleep until around own fault for not taking benadryl until around 11.
I know I'm obviously addicted to benadryl, as I've had to keep taking more of it just to be able to sleep most nights. Not to be negative on MS, but between the steroids and the spasms which current treatments don't help, I have to take benadryl. Ironically, my Dr.'s don't want me taking things like Ambien, as there is a potential to become addicted...damned if you, damned if you don't....
Tim has sleep issues also, but I don't want him taking benadryl, and possibly becoming addicted like me, due to the risk of hypoglycemic reactions in his sleep, and him not being able to wake up. Luckily his Dr. has given him an Rx for Ambien.....for him to take as needed....
I wish I could be like my cats, who easily fall least I receive joy/pleasure just watching them chill out....I can't help but smile.
The photo is of Curry, who often sleeps/rests with his paws crossed....
Guess I have no choice but to chill out...I can finish making the veggie sushi least I've steamed the brown rice(where it dawned on me why I didn't get any sleep, duh) :-0

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